Recent Activity #3

  1. GENERAL BUSINESS COUNSELING. Counsel clients on broad range of business matters including business formation & operation, start-up and small business issues, recapitalization, intellectual property protection and enforcement, office/building lease agreements for technology-based entities, manufacturers, distributors and service-oriented corporations.  Non-disclosure agreements. 
  2. CORPORATE. Prepare corporate resolutions, stock, shareholder and financial documents and agreements.  Review and develop privacy policies and cloud-compliant internet agreements.  Structure and negotiate stock and asset acquisitions.
  3. CORPORATE INVESTMENT. Conduct due diligence for investment in start-up and existing business entities.  Review proposed agreements, including subscription and private placement memoranda and related documents for risk, intellectual property issues and conformance with law and regulation.
  4. CONTRACTS. Develop international services agreement.  Review, revise and negotiate health care, international business, software subscription, entertainment, real estate and other agreements.
  5. DISPUTES AND LITIGATION. Provide strategy and negotiate disputes in connection with foreign sales representative and high-tech start-up.  Resolve real estate venture breach of contract.  Strategy and litigation management for shareholder-based claim.  Resolve through mediation with trial counsel.
  6. GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT. Review US Government data rights (FAR and DFARS) issues in corporate contracts, license and end-user agreements.
  7. GOVERNMENT REGULATION AND EXPORTS. Review export controls and regulations for US-based entities engaged in international business transactions.  Prepare memorandum in connection with US Government sanctions on foreign entities administered by Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
  8. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS. Review, prepare and negotiate international business arrangements for communications, software, technology products and service companies in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
  9. SOFTWARE. Prepare software, end-user and license agreements for restaurant management and web security companies.  Review and develop internet based documents and agreements in connection with cloud computing.  Develop privacy policies.
  10. EMPLOYMENT. Manage employee issues for bio-tech, electronics and software (web security, entertainment and government software) companies.  Provide legal guidance and prepare documents in connection with hiring and firing of employees.  Negotiate settlement and release agreements.  Attend hearing and successfully challenge request by former employee for unemployment compensation.
  11. TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS. File TM and SM applications and renewals.  Respond to USPTO concerns.  Resolve allegations of trademark infringement.  Negotiate trademark consent decree.  Review copyright infringement litigation threat.