Government & Regulatory Law - Federal, State & International Trade Regulations - Melbourne, FL

Commerce in the United States and overseas markets is subject to a wide variety of federal, state and international trade regulations that are both varied and complex.  With the benefit of first-hand government experience enforcing law and regulation, as well as many years in the corporate and private sectors, Kananack Law has the perspective and knowledge to provide effective guidance on contract matters and with compliance.

We have assisted with government investigations and enforcement actions, and helped to manage risks by developing appropriate compliance protocols, handbooks and formal presentations.  Representation includes small businesses, medium size companies and multinational clients in connection with the interpretation, application and compliance with law and regulation.

In addition to general business counseling, we review, structure, interpret and negotiate contracts for the procurement of products, software and services under federal and state funded contracts and subcontracts in the following areas:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Nondisclosure
  • Technology Licensing
  • Data rights
  • Government acquisition regulations
  • Disputes

We provide guidance on antitrust law and export regulation.  Representation includes companies that sell and distribute products nationwide or globally.  We have provided legal counsel to companies that export products or technology controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, enforced by the Department of State, and the Export Administration Regulations maintained and enforced by the Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security, and with respect to the following:

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Food and Drug Administration