Business Law - Corporate & Business Legal Services - Melbourne, FL

As corporate counsel to start-ups, privately held small and midsize businesses, multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and investors, Kananack Law offers a broad range of corporate legal services to a diverse client base.  From corporate formation to business operation to acquisition or merger, we work with company management to provide options and legal and business strategy.  

We frequently serve as corporate or general counsel and respond to a wide variety of business and organizational management issues.  We offer guidance on due diligence to assess risks and we negotiate terms of agreement.  We provide counsel on employment, day-to-day business matters, contracts, and business operations in a multinational climate in the following areas:

  • Organization of corporations (common and preferred stock), limited liability companies (LLCs), not-for-profit corporations
  • Early stage financing, investor and other agreements and documents required for compliance with existing law and regulation
  • Shareholder and operating agreements, stock options, corporate transactions, board of director and shareholder resolutions, interpretation and compliance with law and regulation, privacy policies
  • Employment policies, issues, employment agreements and terminations, non-compete
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Business operation, strategy, nondisclosure and trade secret agreements, commercial transactions, terms and conditions, mergers and acquisitions, buy-outs, negotiations, due diligence, sale and distribution of products, business alliances and relationships
  • Advertising, marketing, commercialization of products and services, trademark acquisition and enforcement, branding
  • Antitrust and trade regulation counseling and compliance
  • Real estate leases and transactions